Problem converting a .dxf file to svg

can someone help me with converting my file to svg so i can put it in easel to use on my xcarve (984.5 KB)

im pretty sure the file is too big for easel, but how can i split the file so i can use it in easel?

I might be able to if no one else has gotten to it but cooking dinner at the moment.

I thank you sir,im in no rush take your time i will be out of town till sunday anyway

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If I may, I would suggest downloading Inkscape and converting the file yourself. There are a lot of parts to this file and you might want to make several manageable svg’s to import. In the end I think it will be easier for you to work with. And, inkscape is free.

Open the file using Inkscape, select the parts you want to save, click on “save as” and select plain SVG. File is ready for Easel :smile:

i have tried this already and either im doing it wrong or the file is too big as it wouldnt import the svg

you should try to remove some of the “nodes” in Inkscape select the shape then select all the nodes, then click on path-simplfy. or CTRL-L
in this screenshot you can see all the nodes

now the same file with the nodes simplified

you can see how many fewer nodes are in the file. especially around the corners

im a rookie at this,so what is the purpose of the nodes?

the nodes are what connects the lines together to form a shape, also they can be manipulated to make curves etc.

when you have a very large amount of nodes the file can get to be too much to handle.
P.S. you can hit simplify more than once to make the shape with less and less nodes but at some point you start to lose definition of the curve. I found in this file on the small circles that I needed to hit CTRL-L about 4-5 time to make it small enough.

it would not take to long to fix this but if I did it for you then you would miss the opportunity to learn. once you learn you will be able to take care of this type of problem whenever you need. If you need more information just ask. If I am wrong about this please point it out.

Ok when i did path simplfy my lines looked deformed

so i cant select all i have to click each line 1 at a time to simplfy?


What version of Inkscape are you using?

I have always checked one shape at a time to make these changes. @PhilJohnson has some links to tutorials on how to simplify SVG for import that you may need to check out. link

also this link shows how to do all this TUTORIAL: Getting a cleaner image trace in Inkscape

this second link is the specific one you need.

Inkscape 0.92 but I also use Linux at home but it is the same as Windows version I use at work.

Guess it’s time to install 0.92

here is what i have now, easel freezes when trying to load