Putting The X-Carve Back to work!

Alright so ever since I bought my new machine the X-carve has been collecting dust but I started doing a job that requires a laser

So what better way then to turn the X-Carve into a Laser engraver

I am going to be using the J-Tech 3.8W Laser for my project

But first thing on my list is to build my new bench for the shop

(lol currently the X-carve is in my house thats where it has always been)

Here are some renderings I made of the bench

Watcha think?

Its 60" wide and 49" deep

I really wish that there was a 3d model available so I could test fit the X-carve but I cant find one :cry:


Looks good! I bet if you could turn the supports for the top on edge it would make it strong enough so you wouldn’t need the center support. Are you going to use the underneath area for storage?

Yeah I am going to use the bottom self to put some different things like the computer fume extractor electronics

I am hoping it works out I was just needing something quick to build

There are models. :wink:


for the 1000mm x-carve? where are those at do you have a link?

this is the only 3d model that I could find and its the 500 mm one I believe

If this link works, look under step files. There is a 1000mm model there.




lol thanks man I think that will work

heck I even called inventables and they don’t know about this 3d model they said one for 1000mm x-carve didnt exist

Get it while it lasts! :smiley:



You may want to check following link. All other peoples work spaces might give you some ideas to make it usable.
Included mine at page 403.

So here I believe is the final version

I added some alignment tabs for the X-carve and a channel around the perimeter for a cover that I might build later on


My cart is similar with the middle post. I ended up putting a piece of MDF across the middle to separate it into “front and back”. The back is open, with vacuum and storage, while the front has some drawers and a little more storage.

I put 5 swivel casters on it, one in the middle directly under the post. If I do it right and don’t have big chunks of scrap under the table, I can swivel it around on the middle caster with just one hand. :smile:

Starting the build I got a little bit accomplished today

I pre cut all the pieces on the Cnc it took 2 sheets of .75" mdf and two sheets of .5" mdf

I love being able to mark out all the screw holes with the Cnc there is no measuring required just put the screw in!!!

Here is the pocket and dado combo I decided to design for this project lol try to do that quickly with a hand router!!..not a chance lol

Base and legs are in place and good to go (don’t ask about the Styrofoam and cardboard boxes cause I don’t know either lol)

The bottom piece on the machine just after getting cut. I actually build the 2x4 base and then placed the mdf on top and finished machining…I really love having a 4x8 machine

Here is the finished pocket and I don’t think that I could of gotten it any closer. Keep in mind the mdf was machined and then the 2x4 base was built and then screwed together and then the pocket in the 2x4 was made lol

I have also been experimenting with climb versus conventional milling and actually I machined it like I was machining aluminum…wells sorta…I roughed in climb milling and then finished the last .040" conventional milling and I think that it turned out really good


Getting ready to mill out the bottom of the top today


hmmmmm I hit a screw lol

dang it

I forgot to model the pocket screws into the model and they are right in the way!!

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here is an little update on this thread you can find most of the info on this thread

But here are some pics

Well this is a problem lol

from the top of the table I only have 23" before I hit the roof above my machine (represented by the grey bars)

and currently the lid only opens 12 degrees

anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem so I have full access to the machine

actually this is a better representation I can go 17 degrees still not enough though

actually here is the max travel