Resetting work zero axis without affecting others

I ran into a problem where I set my X and Y off (I set to edge of bit and not center) and I already did a test carve (simple planing of a board) and didn’t want to have to reset the current Z axis depth.

Running through the carve menu will prompt you to either keep current XYZ or reset at the least the Z depth. By following the following steps you can manually set your new X, Y or both without changing your current Z.

  1. Jog the machine to your new XY.
  2. Open the Machine menu and click Advanced then the Machine Inspector button.
  3. In the Console box type in G92 X0 Y0 (this sets position for X & Y to 0)
  4. Exit out and start your carve. Choose Last Home Position when asked.

I have tried your hints, but the mascine still travel out from the workpiece
way out to the upper right corner

I’ll reply in your original thread: