I was at a rustic homegoods store where I’d seen a piece, similar to and larger than this, hand carved. I figured my robot could do it for me.

I first painted a large redwood slab white. Then designed a tool in Autodesk Maya that procedurally draws trees. After ‘drawing’ a lot of them, this was my favorite, so I saved it’s alpha out as an image, and brought that into Easel for carving. Only took 20 min for the rough pass (.25" 3-flute upcut bit) and another 20min for the finish (.125" 3-flute upcut bit), both running at 90ipm.
I did custom paint touchup after, to make the tree ‘wrap around’ the left-hand side of the stock.

I plan to do this again, but do the finish pass with a v-bit instead: Should get a lot more small branch detail, and a nice beveled effect overall.

The whole piece measures 17x30x1.5":

The shadows are pretty extreme in this image, The cut is is only .125" deep. And I was a bit to hasty with the pics, and hadn’t yet sanded down the first pass, so you can see some toolpaths in the main part of the tree trunk.


looks cool… and I would keep the tool paths… looks natural!

That is really cool!! Nice job!

Awsome use of a rough slab.

The detail on the fingers is awesome! They really pop! :wink:

Really, you did awesome on this project! I might have to try an idea or two now!

Thanks for the words everyone.

@MarkA.Bachman : I got that slab from a scrap pile, had to cut it down to fit the xcarve. Whole thing was still around $60 if I remember correctly. Wood not cheap!

@DamnitJim : Actually the fingers are 3d printed :wink:

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