Show us your machine setup

I agree some upgrades would be nice, they have a good program though, its a solid machine and program a hobbyist can make some pretty cool stuff with the X carve and Easel. And get into it fairly reasonably, I have paid for mine several times over in less than 2 years.

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did you intend to attach a picture?

Excuse the mess.


Yours is not a mess compared to mine. Looks good.

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In my opinion, a clean shop is a NOT used shop. Mine is a mess also.

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These are all great. I’ve had mine for a while and did a big upgrade last year. You can see all my details in this other post. It’s all worked great.


Looks good. Nice and clean. :smiley:


Very nice set up.

Very small, compact work area.


Super nice. Looks like evrything you need right there. :grinning:

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Thank you Wayne, not much room, but it’s all I need. :wink:

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That is all that matters if you are happy.

I have mine set up on this cabinet I built (logo even on the door, LOL), wired with outlets for the x-carve, vac system, and an extra outlet for charging my laptop. The dust collector and vac are inside. The side has drawers for bits and tools. The front has a drop down table for the laptop, an extra outlet and the switch for the dust collector. the whole thing is on commercial casters so I can move it as needed.


Looks fantaastic. I think everyone saw my dirty shop and decided there’s was not so bad and started posting. Nice job.


Finally got my pictures to upload. 750mm and 1000mm


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Looks good. I am getting ready to assemble my second one.


This looks like a Real workshop.

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My Shop is the back part of an industrial flex space. Of the 2,400 sf in the suite, the back warehouse area is about 1,000 sf and 24’ to the roof. There is a big rolling door and man door in the back wall. My “shop” takes about 400 - 500 sf of space, depending on what else is going on. In the left foreground is a large bench with storage, and two parked motorcycles. The x-carve table is in the corner of the room in the center of the photo. To the right of the x-carve is a CNC vertical mill I built this year. The benches are Ikea base cabinets on top of rolling sleds. I can move the benches around in any configuration I want in the space.

To the right is the table saw and then the dust extractor, connected along the wall to the main dust & chip-making tools through a 4" PVC line on the wall.

The X-Carve is a 1-meter model that I built a rolling table for out of 80/20-Faztek material. The little notebook computer was a $99 referb job from NewEgg - dedicated to the system. I designed and 3-d printed the dust collector that slips over the Dewalt. I store all of the wood along the wall behind the table. I leave the caster on the leg in the foreground locked and pivot the table out on that point

The table is good for storing clamps, tools and shim materials on the upper shelf, and flat stock on the bottom shelf. The X-Controller sits on the upper shelf to the left of the computer.

The CNC Milling Machine was a spring 2019 project. I took a Precision Matthews 2 HP mill and converted it to a CNC mill. Replaced the lead screws with ball screws using a kit, installed servo motors to drive the table and mast (Teknic Stepper-Killers) and built the controls box around a Centroid Acorn board.

This view is from the other side of the bench looking at both machines. The blue toolbox is all of the tooling for the mill.

I am in an independent engineer that specializes in material handling, robotics, and logistics operations. For part of my business I do practical R&D work, which the shop supports.