[Solved!] X carve cutting the right shape, but in the wrong location

@TaitLeswing…No change. Same options.

Do you by chance have a PC you can try?

@TaitLeswing…I can probably borrow one tomorrow. If so, what should I do with it…? Try to connect to the Xcarve thru Easel…? Am I going to have to download a bunch of drivers onto the PC computer…?

You should try to use this hex loader:


And then try to connect with universal g code sender and see what $$ gives you.

If you successfully get grbl onto the arduino that way you should be able to connect with your mac afterwards.

@TaitLeswing…So, I’ve got a PC laptop running Windows 8.1. I’ve downloaded the HEX file loader linked to above. I’ve also downloaded the grbl_09i file. The question now is in the HEX file loader, there is only one port option, COM1. But the PC has three USB ports. Should I have more options here…?

@WilliamPaukert it’s normal to have only one option there

@TaitLeswing Just tried the uploader a few times. It seems like it isn’t talking to the Arduino/Gshield. The loader window stays stuck on “uploading” in the bottom left corner of the window. I tried three times waiting 5-7 minutes each time. Seems like it should only take a few seconds for an 80kb file to be uploaded.


@WilliamPaukert it looks like you’re in need of a new Arduino, I’ll get in touch with our CS team and have one shipped to you ASAP.

@TaitLeswing…Thanks Tait. I had my suspicions about the same…

@WilliamPaukert thanks for hanging in there through all of this troubleshooting, I know it can make you want to pull your hair out, but man is it worth it when your machine is running well

@WilliamPaukert can you try one last thing?

Take the arduino completely out of the enclosure, unseat the gshield and try to upload the hex file with the arduino on its own

I ran into this issue when I was going back and forth with the laser hex for the arduino. My fix was to remove the arduino software, re-download it, and install it again. That worked once to get me back to green lights and operation. I had it happen again when I tried to go back to a different hex and this process didn’t work as well. I did some more research on the grbl and with the links that have been provided for the X-carve hex I used the hex uploader to load the hex again. This seemed to work and was repeatable.

@TaitLeswing…I did as you suggested, but still nothing. Just sits idle “uploading” in the HEX loader. I also tried it again on my Mac but nothing as well.

@WilliamPaukert OK thanks for trying that and thanks for all of your patience.

I just flashed a new Arduino and packed it up for you. You should get it tomorrow evening at the latest. I’ll message you the tracking number as soon as our fulfillment team processes it.


@TaitLeswing…That sounds great. Thanks for your help. Not gonna lie–I was getting worried there and was thinking about throwing in the towel…But having the support of you and your team made all the difference.

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@TaitLeswing…Just got the new Arduino (thanks for the quick shipping)…!! Got it installed, opened Easel and the green lights on the Gshield came on immediately. Went thru machine setup, and I had perfect and proper machine control…!! Set up a quick test project and it cut perfectly. Everything was the right dimension and in the right place on the workpiece…!! It appears that the problem is solved. Thanks so much for the help…Now I can breath again and start the fun…!!


@WilliamPaukert Great news! Now go carve some projects and share them with us please :smile:


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…and that people, is how to look after your customers :slight_smile:


@WilliamPaukert I’ve been silently cheering for you this whole time, you showed great patience going through all the steps to isolate where the problem is, and I’m really excited you’re up and running! :smiley: Cheers to both you and the Inventables team for working through the problems!


Thanks to all for your support. Customers and companies are funny things. When there is a problem between the two and one takes an unnecessary position of superiority or entitlement, it puts the other on what I call an “offensive defense”. Thats when things go bad. If both sides can operate with respect and humility, things go much better–it helps both sides in the long run. Rarely does it work out well when you aggressively elevate something beyond what is needed. Even though I hit periods of much frustration, the lines of communication stayed open with the Inventables team and that made all the difference in the world.