Stand for Signs/ cuttingboards/ books


I want to carve simple Stands to present projects. Or as a option for my products, for example to place a sign or cuttingboard.

Has someone already done something like this on the X-carve and want to share it Here?

I found on Google this.

I think it must be an easy carveable stand not a high quality extensive one.

I do alot of flat pack furniture its all pretty easy

slot joints are your friend

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@StephenCook posted this … Cool ideas!

and i came across this one …

Maybe you can modify this one for your needs…

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@RonSabourin thank you. The craftsmanspace one looks good and easy

I haven’t tried to make it … let me know how it goes if you take a stab at it.

So I think i have all I need…

Thanks @RonSabourin @ShaneBell @B.F

So Here is the topic with svg and dxf for a single stands

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After X-mas ill try the stand, then ill post the svg or dxf for this.

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@RonSabourin @ShaneBell @B.F

Attached you´ll find the dxf and svg file from the “craftsmanspace” book-stand.

It´s made for 6 mm Material, if you need it for another thickness please write me
Teil1.DXF (23,8 KB)
Teil2.DXF (23,8 KB)