Stepper motor upgrade

Hi, I have upgraded my Y stepper motors to these= … m%20Nema23
they come with 8 wires but 2 pairs were wound together leaving 4 which is all I need when I connected them the motors are vibrating very badly, is the wiring wrong, or do I have to alter the settings in GRBL
I have connected red to red, black to black, green to green, white to white, and on the other motor
I reversed 2 wires - red to white and white to red, is that correct.

Red/black and green/white are the pairs on your stepper. They need to stay together.
For one motor, the order should be red-black-green-white and the other should be black-red-green-white

Thank’s Neil, I have found a diagram for the wiring of the stepper motors, but I need to find out which wires coming from the X controller stepping driver is A+ A- B+ B- … 03.1Nm.pdf

I saw that same one from your original link. It’s what I based my response on. Wire as I stated above. A and B don’t matter. Wire them in the orders I said. If they move the opposite direction, you can change that via software or just swap the connectors for Y1 and Y2.

The stepper have two coils, each with a wire “in” and a wire “out”. These form one pair.
The quick way to find which wires that form a pair is by using a voltmeter and measure resistance / continuity. If the resistance => 0 or show continuity that is a pair.

So pair one = A+/A- and the other = B+/B-
A stepper have no polarity so which is “A or B” do not matter.
Also rotation of the stepper can be flipped by flipping over ONE pair of the wire, from say A+/A- to A-/A+ (or B pair, doesnt matter)

Thank you Neill and Haldor, the wiring is working fine now, I was worrying too much about getting polarity right,
I decided to alter $27 which I have been meaning to do for some time now, the debounce was taking a long time, and I somehow managed to muck it up, I reduced $27 from 3000.000 to 2000.000 and when I started homing the Z went to the top as usual but then came all the way down, I put it back to 3000.000 but it is still coming all the way down again, any ideas what is wrong

The $27 setting is the homing distance pull off, in mm. The default setting is one. I wouldn’t set that greater than 5.

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You need to change seek and feed rate for that, iirc paramter $25 (initial, “fast”) and $24 (final, “slow”)
$27 only define pull-off like Neil stated :slight_smile:

Niell and Haldor thank you both again, I set $27 to 1 and that seem’s fine, I have no idea how it came to be set at 300.000, I am not bothered about the speed of the seek rate it was the ( final slow) grinding noise that was taking too long, that is reduced a lot now, I have downloaded a copy of the default GBRL to learn, but mine is a lot different now since I upgraded to 1605 ball-screw and linear bearings, I have a mechanical problem to sort out this morning which will give me something to do during lock-down, keep safe

With 1mm pull-off vs 300mm prior, it wont feed that long during homing :slight_smile:
With screws (I use 1605´s too) the mechanics are much more rigid and with low microstep setting (1/1 or 1/2) it will sound “rough”.

With 1605 and 1/2step I use 80step/mm as my baseline.
For $110-112 I use 3500mm/min (Can go faster but not needed)
For $120-122 I use 750mm/min¨2 (Can go faster but not needed)
This is with a 48V PSU and Leadshine DM556/856´s.

My $27=3 on my machine, because 1mm didnt reliably clear the switch every time.
But my whole homing sequence only take 20sec max so wether its 1 or 5 doesnt have any real impact timewise :slight_smile:

Thank’s Haldor, I have been looking to see what voltage my X -Controller
is, it’s 24v 400watt so only half the power of your one, I have to read
up on the microstepping and leadshine I don’t know if mine is 1/1 or1/2
sometimes it sounds a bit rough, I have $121 set at 6500, if I go higher
it starts to bind

I have been getting grinding noises from the motors and have tried altering the acceleration, it seems okay while jogging, yesterday while trying to level my waste-board, travelling in Y and Z at the same time there was pretty bad grinding and it did not travel the full distance, all my stepper motors are Nema 23
3.1 Nm, do I need to get a 48v PSU and new drivers, or is the X controller at 24v good enough, I have been reading all I can, do I need to adjust my microstepping, I found this –,-50V-CNC-Microstepping-CW5045?search=CW5045

That is a high acceleration value for Y, derate to 500 or 1000 for now. The practical difference is marginal.
Your steppers should be powerful enough (3.1Nm) but a 24V PSU only do so much, an increase here will be very noticeable. Ideally the steppers would want 60V or so.
I run mine at 1/2 step (400step/rev)

Thank’s Haldor, I will reduce the Y acceleration, I will also get a 48 v PSU do I need to get new drivers like Leadshine DM556/856´s. or can I get a PSU to fit in the X controller, just do a swap over, I want to get it right this time if your’s is working good I would like to do the same if you could give me some links that would be great, I am in the UK

I dont know that kind of supply voltage the Xcontroller board will accept, but I suspect the driver chips are 40V max. Most likely there is a voltage stepdown between PSU/logic board but I have no details there I´m afraid.

If you can choose, get the DM856 as they can take up to 80V (DM556 is 50V max)
With higher PSU voltage the stepper can reach maximum RPM and acceleration values, plus the torque drop vs RPM start at higher RPM.

So you´ll end up with higher useful torque at speed with an optimum supply voltage :slight_smile:

Haldor , I have been looking for hours for the post on your home made controller, I was looking at it yesterday, but can not find it anymore, do you have a link to it please

Sure thing :slight_smile:

Thank’s for the link Haldor, I am reading all I can on this, did you get your stuff from China, that seems to be the only route available, through eBay--
I am still looking for a PSU 48v, they have different amperage, I will only need to have one relay, as I have now for the Makita, is the wiring difficult, I still have the original Arduino that came with the X carve, before I got the X controller, can I use that, or just buy a new one, they seem to be cheap enough

Simply use the Ardunio you got, that is fine :slight_smile:
Wiring is not difficult, just feel a little overwhelming at first. My best advice is to just think 1 driver first, the remaining 3 are simply “copies” connectionwise :slight_smile:

Yeah, I got mine off eBay - as refurb units with Leadshine written on them. IIRC I got them for about 25quid pr piece back then. With random sellers genuine Leadshine cant be guaranteed though, but I have had no issues with mine. They were also purchased individually to clear the import tax cap into Norway.

My PSU us 400W btw.

I found this , is it okay—