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Hello. Newbie Here. I have stumbled across what I think is a great idea for a Wedding present for a family member coming up this summer. I would like to make a sign similar to this one in the picture. I have created the project in easel, but I am not sure if I have things set up correctly or not. Looking to see if anyone else has done similar project in past or not. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Just not real clear understanding about tool changes, and how best go about this project.



I’d suggest doing a test project first. Use cheap wood and see what happens.
There was a recent thread on this: First multi-layer text sign
I’d recommend using a v-bit for the detail if you’re using Easel pro.

Thanks for the input Neil. After looking this over more in last couple days, I was figuring that the V-Carve bit would probably be first cut for the outline, then go back in with milling bit to clear out remainder. Thanks for the thread. I will check it out.

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Hi Brian

The two stage carving, actually works the other way around. The milling bit goes in and clears out the bulk, then the vbit does the detail finish work.

Gotcha. Thanks for the follow Up. Gonna git it a go this weekend when I have “time” haha. Looks like a several hour project. Feel like a kid at Christmas. haha


@BrianHoelscher1 Feel free to share the project before you actually carve if you want someone to take a look at it. I remember the first time I sent code for a real project to a CNC router. I was ready to pull the plug when things went horribly wrong… They didn’t. Everything was smooth. It wasn’t until I got comfortable when the drama started. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well would love too. Can you coach me on how to do this?? I am currently looking as well. I currently have it set up in Easel.

Hopefully this link works.

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The tool setting for tough cut is wrong. should be 1/4 .25 bit not the .125.

Just from an aesthetics point of view, I would make “The” all caps like “FAMILY” is, but that is just a personal preference of mine. I’m big on symmetry and the like.

haha good catch. I believe that was my intentions, but overlooked. haha


No problem! Sign looks good, by the way!

Thank You. Most post pictures once I get it done. Currently waiting on my waste board that was back ordered when I ordered my X-Carve. Should be getting this week. I raged up some plywood, but have noticed its not perfectly leveled, so causes some issues with depth. haha. But all good, just been playing around and getting feel for what it can do.

Thanks for everyones help thus far.

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I would like if someone could explain to me how to set up text on text in Easel


Sorry, I am rather new to this yet, so trying to better understand your question. What I did in this project (I haven’t ran it yet to confirm) but was simply place a tesxt box in the project, then created an additional text box over the top of the other. The biggest thing would be adjusting the depth of them, to one appears over the top, of the other.
I am waiting on my dust shoe to come in before attempting the project I want to do. The amount of dust chips it will come, I would rather wait for it to arrive. haha

Well finally got my Suck It Dust Boot in, and fired up the biggest project thus far. It turned out pretty good. I think I need to get a better roughing bit, and work on changing bits. I think it moved ever so slight, but none the less, It came outlooking like what I intended. Some major sanding going on to clean up the tool marks. Probably should have planed it down just a little as well. Oh well learn as we go right?? Not next step is to stain this, and cut off the excess on the sides. I was to stain the large “R” in a real dark stain, then a lighter stain for the rest. Once dry, probably sand off the High points to expose the natural color of the pine I used, then varnish. Little worried about getting to stain the large R, and not make a real mess of it. haha23 PM


What questions do you have? I have a number of videos that may help or I maybe able to answers your specific questions. Here is the link to my channel

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I am thinking to start out, probably best to stain all the area with the main color stain first, then go back and brush in the darker stain on the 1 area I want to be darker, then once dry, and off the areas I want natural color.

I run the v-bit first it keeps any tear out from occurring, some of those script fonts can get thin at the ends of a line soft wood likes to tear out seems to hold shape better when I v-carve first …

Thanks. I might try something on a much smaller scale, and see if what your saying works better. But if you start with the finish bit first, do it want to cut almost entire thing first? But not sure how that would work in my case with he Large R being the deepest part of the sign. The V carve bit just cleaned up the edges.

I too like to cut with my V or smallest bit first if using wood that is prone to chipout. This generally dramatically reduces the possibility of chipout.