X Axis stiffening and Eccentric nut upgrade (Z Azis Eccentric nut to come)

Hello everyone,

here’s the mod I made today for stiffening the X-Axis and the V-Wheels mod.

1 hour of work for the moment, still need to modify the 2 Z-Axis V-Wheels as I need to find what kind of screw to use.

The mods are totally reversible, and X-Axis mod don’t need any drilling.

Eccentric nut mod are something that should be put in the assembly instruction, a real timesaver!

Below are some pic. Parts used:

For X-Axis mod:

  • Nr. 8 cap head screw M4x50
  • Nr. 16 (one on top one on the bottom) 6,3 (or 6,4) millimeter washer

For Eccentric nut:

  • Standard screw that come with the machine
  • 5,3 (or 5,4) mm washer
  • M5 nilock nut
  • Loctite 243 glue

For the Z-Axis:

-To come

More info here:

Special thanks to @RobertA_Rieke for the long private chat with me :slight_smile:


Glad to help. :smile:

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Here’s the last mod. Z-Axis V-Wheels and Eccentric Nut done.

Easy, quick and reliable.

Will this z axis mod work with the dewalt spindle? Do you have a specific part list. Im about to start assembly this week and want to do all the stiffening mods as i build.


yes, it will work with the DeWalt 611, that I already have.

You can find all that you need here:

Phil Johnson Build (Eccentric nut)

A mod to make z-azix more stiff and easier to adjust (Z Axis mod)

A 30 minute x-axis mod to reduce chatter (X Axis stiffening)

Pretty easy, it requires an hour pretty much. If you want to improve the GT-2 Pulley, you can check my article here GT-2 Pulley upgrade though there are also some other valid mod to make (for sure some of them better than mine)