Zion National Park

Zion National Park in wenge, padauk, maple, and leopard wood on plywood substrata.


Holy hell, beautiful . I’m over here trying to carve a simple logo.

Was there over the summer. 12,000 mile road trip towing my camper. Coast to Coast and a few in between. Went as far North as Glacier National Park and West to California. Beautiful country.

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How’d ya do it? Well?? :grinning:

Thanks! It originated from lidar data and I generated tool paths off of that with some conversions. Cut on X-carve, of course.

Holy Cow! Had my first tachycardia symptoms there. Shockingly beautiful. Nice job.

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that pretty neat but where are the sasquatch

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fill bottom of river with some blue resin?
also… pretty sweet. whats overall dimensions?

How thick was each wood layer?

That is so great! I want to do something like this for the Chesapeake Bay.


how large is it?

It’s an amazing landscape and one of the best to visit. The mountains look like they are made in small layers too. The walk through the narrows was wet but well worth it. Great miniature.

You know I tried to do that on a previous piece by injecting epoxy into the river but it ended up bleeding a little bit up the wood grain past where I wanted the water so it wasn’t as clean as I would have liked. I am going to do some experiments on some scrap stock before I attempt again.

The layers range from 1/8" to 1/2".

This one is only a 5" x 5" x 2.25" miniature prototype. I am trying to get the hang of my feeds and speeds on the new Dewalt spindle before I start cutting into expensive stock at 2 to 4 times the scale.

You can also try carving a disposable piece, cast the river, then remove and place into the finished product.

That’s one of the most beautiful projects I’ve ever seen on this forum. Thanks for sharing! :sunglasses:

What of you used a piece of blue corian as the base piece so the lowest levels would be water blue?

Thank you for all the replies! I rarely share my work and I am glad a few people got something out of this one :slight_smile:.

I think those are great ideas. Definitely, more than one way to fill a mini river!

Here is an interesting strategy. I like the technique at 16:34:

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I wish you would share more often. The displays are really nice and I appreciate. They inspire me that I can use the machine to make more than widgets. Thanks

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