Any good plans for an adjustable height wasteboard

I would guess that someone has done this, but I have not seen it yet if so. My plan is to do a removable wasteboard like David Westley did here: Wasteboard hell and then have a hole in one side of the board for when/if I want to do some work on the end of something long, like engraving the end of a single piece cane or maybe putting in dovetails with a dovetail bit. This would let me cut something taller if I could clamp it in place.

Has anyone made a variable height wasteboard so taller things could be cut? I really don’t know how often this would be useful, but the flexibility would probably be nice for some applications. Getting it rock stable would be the hard thing of course.

I did see a post where the user has reinforced one end of the X-Carve with 20x40 extrusion and has the front ~300mm with no spoil board or table surface below it, I’ll try to find the thread and post it here.

Currently working on a version of @DavidWestley’s spoil board. Still to run a surfacing pass over it to get it level.
A downunder build

EDIT: The thread I was referring to is the X-Carve Workplace Showcase one. look for a post by @JohnPattillo
X-Carve Workspace Showcase

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