Dinosaur and other animal skeletons!

Hello all.

@ErikJenkins has been kind enough to share his collection of skeleton sculptures with us.

I am in the process of putting them together as projects that you can load up in Easel and carve away.

Check them out here:

T-Rex Skeleton

Saber Toothed Tiger

Spinosaurus Skeleton

Velociraptor Skeleton

Triceratops Skeleton


Wow… I was just thinking about making one of these. Great timing.

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Excellent idea to load these into Easel!

They are a great projects for people just getting started and wanting to make something great (so they can answer that “what can you do with it?” question).

I made a few and gave them to my daughter, now she is getting interested in designing things to make.

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I am attaching a powerpoint file with some of the assembly instructions for the dinosaurs. Included in this file are: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Pteranodon and Sabre Tooth Tiger. There are 4 more pages/slides included in this powerpoint to show the next ones I will be adding and they are: Velociraptor, Plesiosaur, Brachiosaurus and Dilophosaurus (These are blank slides for now, placeholders for me as I clean up the files and get them ready to cut)

CNC Animals Assembly Instructions.pptx (552.5 KB) .

I’ll also be breaking these out into individual sheets to go on each individual Easel project (much like I did on the T-Rex one) to help cut down the confusion for the less initiated person just coming straight to the Projects section.

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You guys are amazing. I had one of these when I was a kid, but it broke. Now I can make and break as many as I want.


My kid already broke a few parts and it is super nice to just pop over to the X-Carve and make a few replacements.

Velociraptor - I don’t like how the tail is in two pieces…I will redo this and join them. It has to be assembled nice and tight to balance on the 2 back feet.

Velociraptor.dxf (4.6 MB)


After Saber Tooth this one is definitely up next.

Here are the first five all cut…from left to right - Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Sabre Tooth Tiger and Pteranodon. They are all cut from 1/8" (0.125") tempered hardboard, smooth on both sides, (about $9 for a 4’ x 8’ sheet at Lowes). The Sabre Tooth Tiger is cut from the same thing (just an old piece, different color). I was using a smaller bit (1.4 mm) to cut them out, but I switched to a 1/8" downcut endmill and that made smoother cuts and kept the thin material from trying to climb up the bit. I also screwed down the material to a sacrificial waste board in multiple places (6-10 screws), with as tight as these pieces are arranged there is not much left of the background on some of the Dinos and it just fell apart as I removed it from the wasteboard. I am working on more of the Jurassic zoo to clean up the files, so more to follow. Enjoy!

@sketch42 - Do you have all the files for these five to put them in Easel? I will PM you later today with more files.

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A Trio of T-rex.

When you’re cutting, are you cutting on or outside ?

Outside the lines to cut the pieces out and inside the lines for the holes…eye holes, etc…

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I’m not very much Easel user, but I will give it a shot on that DXF file you just posted. I can make one kid happy. Thanks.

What program do you use? I did these with V-Carve.

I use V-Carve pro Erik.

Here is the Velociraptor. Had to compress as it was almost 10mb. Is this the one you want? or more?

Velociraptor.rar (1.9 MB)

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Thank you so much.

Others are posted in crv files on this thread, I think they start at this link, just scroll down: