[Resolved] Belt not tightening, just slips

lol, my bad… correct.
my math is off today
corrected to 57 days

I’ve had it longer, but on May 27th I readjusted the belts and added new zip ties. I also posted this:

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This is how I did my belts:


:wink: When I waste first Stock spindle, you were giving a battle with Custom. That’s what I remember. I’m just kitting. You’re good man.

@AlanDavis I definitely had a battle with customs… I think they won big, but that was well before May 27

@DallasPowers nice clean look. When my belts need replacing, I’ll probably go that route.

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For the issue of the belts slipping, I found a quick and easy solutions that does not involve cable ties, tape, heat shrink or anything else along those lines: Simply loosen up the screw on the belt hold-down bracket, fold the belt material that is hanging out around the front part of the hold-down bracket and under the edge of the bracket and then tighten the bracket back down onto this folded piece of belt.

This only takes a few minutes to implement and will completely solve your problem with the belts slipping.

Well, that’s a method that had never occurred to me… reversible too! nice!


I think a mod on the belt clip will do a good job with the slipping. Make it with three openings for sliding he belt inn. Much more friction this way. This clip will not take opp much more space if done correctly.

I agree with the zip tie solution. It solved my problem. My machine was hanging up and rubbing on the y-axis (some screws were dragging underneath the chassis). I used the zip ties to tighten the belts, and sprayed wd40 on the run points. No more drag. Clean cut.

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Is this issue still ongoing? I purchased my x-carve in the recent lot that you sent to Europe, through Robosavvy.

Should I use zip ties still? I am about to be in that mounting area.


Using heat shrink tubing to lock the teeth together looks better (in my opinion) and it works perfectly.

Is that included with the X-carve?

If not, what is the correct diameter in mm of the heat shrink tube?

It is not included in the kit. I used 1/4 inch diameter.

Let’s see if I found similar measurement in Europe, where we use the metric system.

One quick question, the belts can be untied and re-tied without having to dissasemble other parts right?
(Because tomorrow everything will be closed, and I want to finish the whole build, and then I will apply your solution on monday)

Thanks a lot for helping Allen ! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can loosen and remove one end of the belt very easily. Just be sure the X belt does not slip off the idlers or drive pulley, it can be a real pain to thread it back.

You will want to install the belts and tighten them without locking the belts in heat shrink at first anyway. Use the machine for a few days and then re-tighten the belts. They will stretch a small amount at first and then become very stable.

I second this. Use the machine for a wile with zip ties to let the belts stretch to their final position and then re-tighten and use the heat shrink.

One more thing, before putting on the belts double check that your pulley set screws are in tight and preferably locked with loc-tite or CA glue or similar. These little guys will unscrew and are super easy to lose in the sawdust.

Understood. I will follow your instructions then :).

Speaking of this. I am at this stage and I did cut the belt in 3 equal sizes… And looped it correctly, but I find there is a lot of left over in the ends. Should I just remove it, and keep it to just two centimeters or so from the end of the belt clip? It is the same in all 3 axis, in all the 6 endings. I don’t want to cut it just like that, just in case…

I left a couple inches extra on each end. I ran the machine for a while, used heat shrink after the belts settled in and trimmed them to the end of the heat shrink.

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