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Running Easel on Raspberry Pi

I want to be able to run the two Carvey machines we have in my High School Prototype Lab without the need to have a full blown laptop or desktop computer connected to them. Could anyone help me figure out how to make a raspberry Pi work for controlling the machines.?

I would recommend checking this post Easel Local for Linux? of all the ways to make easel local work it was a much easier solution.

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I built a Raspberry Pi Controller for my machine.
You can check my thread on this site and also I have put the first video on youtube (search Ryan Ballard Raspberry Pi and you will find it.)

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Ha ha ha ha bob…

I have this up and running right now. I use my PI for a lot of different things, one of which is the computer I use for controlling the XCarve. First thing I did to the Raspbian desktop image was install xrtp this enables the pi to be logged in using Microsoft RDP or remote desktop protocol Second, and I didn’t write this but found it and it works, use Sammy Kamkar’s solution. Log in to the pi, run the and your pi is setup with the driver.

From here you can remote in to your pi desktop and use easel from the raspbian browser chromium that comes with the raspbian desktop.

Hi guys I’ve recently set up my Raspberry Pi 4+ however I’m trying to run my cnc 3018 off the Pi via usb lead into the Pi from the machine. When I’m on Easel it and setting machine settings up it asks me to down Linux, windows or Mac driver so I download the Linux on my Pi open it and when it’s extracting the files i get a error message can anyone help me?