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Targ's Workshop Build Log ... First Cuts

I would like to build the XCarve Fold Down table. Can u share any plans that u may have?


Matt I would love to make one that is awesome anyway to get the plans or if anyone has them I would appreciate it. Thank you or anyone that has themes do them to. Thank you.

Great idea, by chance do you have available plans? it looks like an awesome idea for my limited work area.

Sir, wondering if you still have the free plans available for you cart for the x-carve?

just found your site can you send me a copy of your plans for x-carve table plz have cutting list bobcarr@live,co,uk ty

Hey Paul, did you get those plans? If so, would you mind sharing? Thanks!

Can someone share the plans if they have please

Thank you

If anyone has the plans for this. Can they please please pretty please send em to TYIA

They’re up there.

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