Z wont function properly

Been using x-carve for almost 4 years now, all of a sudden Z wont work properly, wants to go up when I want it to go down…Have Direct drive, and also use J-Tech laser…Something has changed.

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check for loose or damaged wiring.
and also IF its totally inverted, you can redo the machine setup and there’s a page where it asks you to test and verify proper directions, do this and answer the questions appropriately and easel will automatically correct the associated grbl setting.

I am trying to figure out why I had to disable my Z limit in order to get my Masuter Pro to be able to carve after using the z probe

I’m just guessing here based on what I have happened to me. The axis moves and contacts the switch, then reverses a certain distance. If your setting is not moving enough in reverse to open the switch…you might end up with where you are. Does it go to alarm mode?

See settings $20 through $27 in the chart below.

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (diymachining.com)

To get to the settings:

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Yes, it goes to alarm mode. I have my machine set up through Easel Pro, as I am a beginner cnc user.

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Woke up at 2am with the answer to my Problem. I Manually entered the current GRBL code, and than used the set up new machine under Easel…Fixed it. Easy Peasy…