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I’m new to all of this and will need plenty of help. First and foremost, is there any categories for x-carve workstation or work tables. I recently purchased an x-carve and need some place to place it after I build it. The workstation itself doesn’t need to be fancy just just functional. After everything is done, upgrades can be put into place.

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using the search function at the top right of this forum you can search a term like “table” and find a lot of threads showcasing people’s tables.
Here’s a few examples: My X-Carve Folding Table
. Table for 1000x1000 x-carve
. Red Oak X-Carve Table
. X-Carve Workspace Showcase (this one has a BUNCH of various designs)

As far as what is needed, something sturdy and with a solid surface.
For a smaller (400mmx400mm) cnc I’ve used a playing card table for months as it is capable of less forces thus less movement of the machine… for my larger cnc (4ftx4ft) I built a pretty hefty 6ftx6ft work station with some pretty stout casters…

Hey sir, thanks a bunch. I’m sure I will be adle to find something to suit my needs.

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