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Apps We are starting a program to allow developers to write apps / plugins for Easel. This category is for discussing app ideas, for developers to ask questions, etc. App Development Many of you have probably used one of the apps that are built into Easel, such as the image vectorizer. Inventables has been working on building a platform that lets 3rd party developers also build apps to contribute functionality to Easel. The goal of these apps and the developer platform is to provide tools that make it easier for people to make things. Feature Requests Have an idea for something you wish Easel could do? Let us know. The developers are here to help turn those ideas into reality. We also will post our ideas and plans, and let everyone know what is currently in process. Beta Testing This category is for users who are beta testing Easel features and would like to leave feedback or suggestions on those features. Issues Under Investigation The Inventables software team will use this category to track open, high priority software problems that are actively being worked on and to provide updates on the status of these issues as we have them. Accessibility This category is for issues related to Easel usability and accessibility. Easel is designed to be easy, free and useful for everyone. Check out this page for a primer on what we mean by accessibility. Updates This category will be updated by Easel developers about new features and updates about Easel.
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